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The origin of lantern lo-mei

The founder of Lantern Luwei, a native of Taipei, grew up larger than Sanyuan Street since childhood. One summer many years ago, it was very sultry. He was immersed in the street selling red bean cakes. He suddenly thought: In summer, there are always few people buying red bean cakes. Why not engage in a snack business that is not affected by the weather all year round? Father Chen, who was actively looking for ways to learn, finally found the master of the lo-mei shop in Ximending to learn the art under the guidance of his father's needles, and established the famous "Lantern Lo-mei" brand in the night market of Shida University.


"Lantern Flavor" has been popular among diners, young and old in Taiwan for many years. Dad Chen started his business from scratch and now has a prosperous business. In addition to constantly improving the secret marinade formula according to the tastes of the diners, the kung fu of purchasing, washing, cutting vegetables, and braising in the market is also sloppy. After years of hard work, it has achieved today's achievement and won two sons. With full assistance, the delicious taste of the secret marinade can be passed on.


The naming of lantern lomei

lantern characters.png

The most popular restaurant in Taipei Shida Night Market: Why is it called "Lantern"?

When it was open that year, Father Chen didn't put up any signs, but simply hung up two lanterns. In addition to convenient lighting, it was also used as an obvious landmark for the booth. The shop is located in the most eye-catching location in the business district of Normal University. Over time, it has become one of the must-eat snacks for normal university students and teachers after class! For the convenience of the students, they just named it casually at the beginning, but they didn't expect that "Lantern Lu Wei" would naturally become a signature. Therefore, in addition to the rich and delicious marinade and sauces, the name "Lantern Lu Wei" also has a strong human touch and historical value.


The Hong Kong store on Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay is the first overseas branch of "Lantern Lo Mei".

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